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Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs
Directorate General  of Human Resource Development
409/8, Deep Shikha, Rajendra Place,
New Delhi – 110008
F. No. 8 / B / 38/ HRD (HRM) / 2009                                                                                    Dated:  01.12.2010

Office Memorandum


Ministry vide letter F. No. A-23018/3/2007 –Ad. II (Vol.II) dated 26.03.2009, entrusted  to this Directorate the task of  preparing All India Seniority List of the grade Superintendent of Central Excise on the basis of the information received from the cadre controlling authorities.  Accordingly, the said Seniority List has been drafted on the basis of the cadre-wise seniority lists received from various Cadre Controlling Authorities. The same is enclosed. The draft Seniority List is also being placed on www.dghrdcbec.gov.in. In drafting the All India Seniority List following principles have been kept in view:

  1. DOP&T’s instructions as contained in Swamy’s Compilation on Seniority and Promotion.
  2. Date of Regular Appointment in the grade of Superintendent of Central Excise.
  3. Relative Seniority of Superintendent of Central Excise in their respective cadre to remain same in all India list.
  4. All India Seniority amongst the officers promoted on same date to the grade of Superintendent to be determined with reference to their length of regular service   in the feeder grade, i.e. Inspector of Central Excise, (to be determined from the date of regular appointment in the grade).
  5. If the date of promotion to the grade of Superintendent  as well as date of regular appointment in the grade of Inspector are same, the officers having earlier dates of birth to rank higher than those with later dates of birth.

2.0     The concerned Cadre Controlling Officers are requested to kindly circulate the draft Seniority list amongst all concerned officers, and invite objections if any within 30 days of its circulation / publication on the DGHRD website, whichever is later.  Cadre Controlling Authorities, after examination of the objections) received  would  forward the same along with his / her comments thereto to DGHRD. If no objection is received within 30 days of its publication on www.dghrdcbec.gov.in, the seniority list shall be taken to be final. In case, objections are raised, the same would be examined and the Seniority List revised, if objections are found valid.

(M.S. Arora)
Additional Director General (HRM)


  1. All the Cadre Controlling Authorities (with the request to circulate the draft Seniority list amongst all the concerned Officers)
  1. All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers  




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