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            Ours being a Governmental organization, the vision and mission of our Government, through department of revenue / CBEC, had been & is being outlined year after year. The Board had allocated its resources to pursue our organizational goal & strategy by fixing the revenue target, laying down what we are supposed to do and how to excel. Other than revenue, on human resource front, on technological innovation & implementation, in meeting the aspirations and expectations of all stake holders, in addition to revisiting the citizen charter-2008, our road maps had to be rolled out for 2010-11. These had to be periodically reviewed and revised, must be updated and ultimately the target so fixed had to be achieved.

            Additionally, for the Commissionerates of the Lucknow Zone, the priority and the focus would be on following items of work while upgrading & optimizing the performance in terms of the quality, quantity as well as raising up the satisfaction level of all those concerned including our CBEC on our overall performance :

1.         Revenue :

            The targets, as and when received from TRU, would be immediately allocated / indicated to the Commissionerate. Through technological and human resources, available at our end, the Commissionerate had to exceed the revenue target being the first item of this Agenda.

2.         Technological innovations :
The year 2010-11, for each Commissionerate would be of “Technological advancement year”. The exchange of information, all written communication by way of summons, notices, orders, reports within the Zone, outside Zone, with other government departments and with taxpayers of Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax would be through ACES, ICES, via e-mail to the extent of 85 to 90% in the year 2010-11 itself. The Commissioners should ensure implementation and execution of ACES, e-payment, e-Governance and e-commerce (in its soul and spirit), having internet connectivity through LAN or through wi-fi. The close control, guidance and evaluation through constant training, mentoring and monitoring, with latest software would be on top gear priority. The connectivity, with DG Systems located at Chennai and Delhi would be on daily basis. Each of the staff have to be made professionally competent and computer savvy for attaining such an objective with latest hard ware & soft ware while removing the obsolete & useless ones.

3.         Transparency :
The messages & pledges of DG (Vigilance) as well as of CVC have to be implemented in toto. There would be zero tolerance policy towards public grievances and on grievances ventilated by taxpayer, by staff / officers, directly or  through its associations. That would be ensured while enriching through training, by interaction, and through sensitization exercises. All personnel have to be made highly conscious about maintaining integrity and for attaining professional competence. Establishing a good ethical, moral and proper conduct would be resolve of everyone of us.  

4.         Key identified areas :

(i)         Adjudication :
Each adjudicator will dispose of more number of cases than its receipt in each month. As a rule, no cases should be allowed to pend for more than a year while the number of cases between 06-12 months have to be kept barest minimum. So should be the position for Service Tax cases. The opening balance of 1st April, 2010 would be down by 50% at the end of 31st March, 2011, for each of the adjudicator.

(ii)        Call Book cases :
The number of the call book cases as are on 31st March, 2010, would be reduced to 10% of such pending number of cases, by 31st March, 2011. The 60% of the pendency of call book cases had to be knocked down by 31st December, 2010.

(iii)       Refund / Rebate cases :
The target should be, that at any point of time, the cases are not pending beyond one month of its filing. However, the pendency would be tolerated till third month of its inception. Payment of interest on refund / rebate claims would be viewed seriously.

(iv)      Anti Evasion activites :
(i) Each Commissionerate will file proposal for at least 03 cases for deterrent order; 03 cases to be booked on the intelligence furnished by an informer; 03 cases on the strength of an intelligence filed by officers; minimum 03 arrests in each Commissionerate, each Commissionerate will file minimum 05 proposals for prosecution for the cases either booked by Commissionerate or by DGCEI, 50% of the prosecution cases so booked and pending with criminal / EOW courts needs to be decided; seized confiscated and goods lying in stock / godown under supurdnama, etc. prior to 01.01.2010 would stand disposed of by way of sale or otherwise (destruction). Each Commissionerate, (either through audit, Service Tax or from preventive branch), minimum 02 proposals of rewards for officers have to be filed and have to be finalized. Two proposals from each Commissionerate for provisional attachment of properties to protect revenue as contemplated under provisions of Section 11 DDA of Central Excise Act, 1944 to be put up to Chief Commissioner. Two proposals under provisions of Section 37E from each Commissionerate. Detection, booking or registration of 40% more cases on Central Excise side and 60% more cases on Service Tax side than what has been detected in the year 2009-10 by way of number or value or by both.

(ii) The Service Tax base to be increased. Each Commissionerate will add minimum two hundred more Service Tax paying units in their jurisdiction.

(v)       Audit :
Completion of EA-2000 for all mandatory units or as prescribed under Audit Manual. At close of each quarter, consolidated audit bulletin to be issued by CCO. Exceeding performance by 40% in terms of detection, spot recovery and number of audit paras, making correspondence with AGUP on SOF and with CBEC (PAC); DG (Audit), etc. making Commissionerate stand, full and final.

(vi)      Scrutiny of ER-1 to ER-7 returns as well as the completion of scrutiny of all ST-3 returns pending for more than 06 months.

(vii)     Arrears of recovery :
The performance in 2009-10 had not been that satisfactory. Each Commissionerate should ensure recovery by getting the stay vacated in minimum 04 cases where amount involved in each case is more than Rs. 50 lacs. Recovery through attachment and auction by each Commissionerate at least in 04 cases. Each Commissionerate had to pass orders for write off, at least for 15 cases, in the year  2010-11. By way of no. & arrears amount, 30% reduction is targeted with the figures as on 31.03.2010 vis-à-vis as on 31.03.2011.

(viii)    Vigilance matters :
Dismantlement of all old disciplinary cases. But at the same time booking same number of new cases. Disposal of all pending cases in time bound manner. Inspection & frequent visit of field formations / branches / ranges, etc.

(ix)      Appeal Matter :
            Commissioner (Appeals) of the Zone will ensure disposal of more number of appeals in each month than the number of appeals filed in that very month. In any case, at any point of time, no appeal will be allowed to pend for for than six months. De-novo or remand matter will not lie over for more than two months from its date of receipt. Appeal’s disposed by way of remand would be barest minimum, almost nil. The quality of order-in-appeal  and its standard would be further improved.

(x)       General Administration – image building measures – promotion of Raj Bhasa – truthful implementation of RTI Act i.e. in letter and spirit. Holding of extra curricular activities – rejuvenating the zeal and skill of all personnel. Observing & enforcement of rule of regularity and punctuality – holding of Blood Donation Camp – conducting picnic / organizing game – sports competition – organizing cultural event – magic show and puppet show, etc., very quick & prompt response / reply to Ministry / CBEC – to general public & to tax payers. Vigilant watch on subordinate formations.



(A. K. Misra)
Chief Commissioner


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